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We are an e-Commerce company that want to focus on email marketing to keep our user engaged and make them aware of latest offers and styles we have.
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Click heat map for test image: Where would you click if this email arrives in your inbox?

88 Responses to: What made you clicked there?

  • want to see what all offers are available
  • more interested in the buying caps
  • would be more interested to see the landing page
  • buy now
  • want to see the sale
  • what all type of sales is there
  • want to see the time of the sale
  • Would love to see the sale
  • to see the sale
  • liked the cap
  • want to see the price of the cap
  • belt
  • nice tshirt
  • nice tshirt
  • nice jwellery
  • want to see the price of the jwellery
  • want to see the sale
  • sale
  • sale
  • sale
  • Don't know. Not very clear
  • want to see different colors of this cap
  • sale of this website
  • sale of this website
  • want to see the sale
  • nice shoes
  • want to see the price
  • there is no price available
  • How could it be a sale if there is no price information
  • i clicked by mistake
  • I dont knpw
  • No clue where to click
  • I think that's the right place
  • to see what's next?
  • maybe here
  • Most probably to see the sale
  • q
  • jhjgh
  • sales ship
  • Because it seems nice product
  • I like polos
  • looks like a sale button cta
  • u
  • 3413
  • contrast
  • Cause I want to see more sale items
  • fdf
  • la imágen
  • el precio
  • 111
  • Im a man
  • lll
  • sales
  • label
  • button on interested product makes sense to me
  • to shop quickly
  • Test
  • first
  • it said quick
  • I want this t-shirt
  • sdf
  • tyrjrtyj
  • wanted to buy the hat
  • ASD
  • <
  • it appealed
  • Vg
  • d
  • word quick
  • a
  • I want to do quick shop
  • I wanted to buy belt
  • Unsub
  • I like the product
  • usually this area is a link to the sale page
  • Would like to see that item
  • sdsd
  • discounts items
  • Not looking for one thing, but many things, on sale.
  • kkk
  • ljk
  • i like jewelry
  • i am interested in t shirt
  • kjjök
  • sd
  • to cancel email from this source
  • i love a sale!
  • wanna but this hat

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